Shipping & Delivery


Packaging & Transportation Options

We will gladly assist you with the packaging and delivery of artworks purchased from any of our galleries or online.

There are various packaging options. In all instances, we will recommend the most suitable option for packing your specific artwork(s). 

We make use of approved and reputable third-party courier companies who will deliver to virtually any destination around the world. The transport companies use air freight, sea freight, and road freight, depending on the goods being transported and your choice of delivery. 

All shipment and courier deliveries are insured in-transit, offering you additional peace of mind.

There are three packaging options 

✓ Rolled & Tubed 
This is our preferred packaging option! This option offers the best combination of safest and most cost-effective means of packaging and delivery. Depending on the paint technique and finish of an unframed canvas painting, we can remove the canvas from the stretcher frame, roll it and then place it inside a sturdy and protective cardboard tube.

  • Reduces the risk of damage to the painting (strong tube) 
  • Reduces the dimensions of the package and therefore the cost of transportation.

We offer to package your artwork using this method at no additional charge, wherever applicable. It is a simple task for your local framer to re-stretch the canvas upon delivery in your hometown.

✓ Flat-Packed / Boxed 
We package the artwork as-is, on its stretcher frame or frame (where applicable). We securely wrap the artwork in bubble wrap followed by cardboard, to make a secure, sealed box. If the artwork is larger in dimensions we may also add protective board, for added strength and rigidity.

  • Protection of your artwork while in-transit
  • No additional cost associated with custom-crating

We offer to package your artwork using this method at no additional charge, wherever applicable. 

✓ Custom-Crated 
A custom-crate is specifically made for your artwork to be transported in. This offers the very best protection for your artwork while in-transit as the crate is extremely strong and sturdy.

  • Most expensive option 
  • Additional cost of manufacturing the custom-crate (the crate increases the finished size and volumetric weight of the package)

This method is specifically recommended for transportation of sculptures, fragile ceramics, and very large paintings.

What you need to know

Please note that in all instances your delivery quote is calculated using a combination of dimensions, physical weight, volumetric weight, as well as the destination. Depending on your choice of delivery option, it can take anything from a few days up to eight (8) weeks for your package to arrive at the destination country, however, most items are delivered in under two (2) weeks (unless you’ve chosen sea freight).

Our ‘shipping’ quoted amount covers packaging, local courier & freight paperwork, local Customs processing (South Africa), international transportation and includes insurance in-transit. These are all the costs that can be calculated in advance.

The potential charges excluded from our shipping quote:

  • Customs import duties/taxes/VAT/handling or clearance fees, which are only assessed upon inspection at destination by your local Customs authority
  • Customs stops, examinations, storage (if any)
  • Special delivery requirements (like un-crating, by special request before sending)
  • Fumigation (if needed, by special request before sending)

Unfortunately, neither we nor the courier company have any way of knowing in advance what these fees might be. Please contact your local Customs office for more information.

Delays – while we will endeavor to prevent any delays, we are not responsible for any delays, damage or loss due to the use of third-parties used to transport the artworks on your behalf. Please note that if you delay collecting your parcel from the airport / sea port once you have been contacted, you may be charged a storage fee by the airport / sea port authorities.

What we need

Your email address – for the couriers to liaise directly with you throughout the transportation process. 

 Your preferred daytime telephone number (preferably mobile)

Your preferred daytime physical delivery address